FecalSwab® – A successful diagnostic test begins at sampling!

FecalSwab® - A successful diagnostic test begins at sampling | Medical Supply Company

The cause of infectious diarrhoea is rarely determined on the basis of clinical presentation alone. Microbiological confirmation is typically required to provide important information for treatment. Accurate pathogen detection relies heavily on the quality of the sampling method, storage, and transportation to the testing site.

Stool sample collection has long been the standard method of choice for enteric pathogen detection. However, in paediatrics or when dealing with severely dehydrated patients it can be difficult to  acquire a stool sample. In these circumstances rectal swabs are a vital tool, particularly if rapid aetiological determination is required.

FecalSwab® can provide a solution in all cases. With its convenient design the flocked swab can be used not only as a transfer tool for stool samples but also as a rectal swab. The system enables excellent preservation of enteric microbes in particular Enterobacteriaceae, C. Difficile, and Campylobacter jejunii.

Each kit contains a single Nylon Flocked Swab with a breakpoint, packaged with 2ml of Cary-Blair Medium in a tube.

Why a Nylon flocked swab??

The flocked design provides a less chaotic structure compared to traditional swabs. The enhanced design increases the capacity for sample collection and enables a more efficient elution of sample, resulting in improved detection rates and sensitivity of diagnostic tests[1]. The nylon fibres provide a velvet-brush like texture for minimum patient discomfort.

FecalSwab® converts solid or semi-solid specimens into a homogeneous suspension, perfect for automated platforms that require a liquid specimen for processing. FecalSwab® has been tested with various molecular platforms, including BiofireFilm Array, BD Max, Seegene, GeneXpert, R Bio-Pharm and GenomEra.

FecalSwab® is a compact, less messy and more efficient alternative to traditional containers for collection, transporting and processing of stool samples.

[1] Rojas, H., Lima, A., Kubasek, C., Gostnell, A., & Silbert, S. (2020). Evaluation of Copan FecalSwab™ preserved stool specimens with the BD MAX™ Enteric Bacterial Panel and the BD MAX™ Extended Enteric Bacterial Panel. Diagnostic Microbiology And Infectious Disease97(4), 115055. doi: 10.1016/j.diagmicrobio.2020.115055

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