New Supplier Announcement: FDGSi

F-DGSi for supply of Liquid Nitrogen and Gas Generators | Medical Supply Company

MSC is delighted to announce we have signed a partnership with F-DGSi for the supply of Liquid Nitrogen and Gas Generators to the Irish market.

F-DGSi is a world leader in the production of innovative gas generators, including Hydrogen gas, Nitrogen gas and Zero Air gas generators as well as a newer range of Liquid Nitrogen generators. F-DGSi gas and liquid nitrogen generators are 100% designed in France and incorporate the latest technologies on the market. F-DGSi strives to continuously improve its offering to provide the best solutions to the market.

Generating your own gas or liquid nitrogen has many advantages, including eliminating the inconvenience of using bottled gases, reducing operating costs, and reducing the environmental impact of the laboratory. These high-quality products, coupled with MSC’s large presence in Ireland and our extensive service experience, offer peace of mind and security to any lab.

So whether you need carrier and detector gases for Gas Chromatography, a reliable Nitrogen source for Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, or a reliable source of Liquid Nitrogen for your cell storage facility, MSC and F-DGSi can supply, install, and maintain a unit that will meet your needs. Visit F-DGSi here or, get in touch today to learn more.

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