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SmartFAST – Laminar Flow Cabinets | Medical Supply Company

Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are specialised enclosures designed to deliver a contaminant free work area by blowing filtered air with uniform velocity and direction across a work surface. A wide range of laboratories including medical, pharmaceutical, environmental and biotechnological labs utilise such cabinets to maintain a sterile and particulate-free area while preforming sensitive experiments. 

SmartFAST are the new concept of compact ISO 3 vertical laminar flow cabinet manufactured by our partners at FASTER. Their cabinets guarantee and maintain excellent product protection factors by offering a positive pressure particle-free working area by virtue of the the H 14 HEPA/ULPA filter with an efficiency better than 99,995 % MPPS.

Although SmartFAST is primary conceived as a positive pressure laminar flow cabinet, it is equipped with a special closing panel on the top which allows the user to switch from positive to negative pressure work. Therefore the are two working possibilities; Positive pressure (main operational principle) or Negative pressure (alternative operational principle).

Alternatively if bench space is limited in your laboratory be sure to check out the SmartFAST mini!

SmartFAST Features & Benefits:

Ergonomic Design: The angled sloping (7°) front safety-glass provides optimum visibility of the interior workspace. The front window can be opened and held upwards as it is hinged with gas springs – allowing access for larger items and enabling easy cleaning and decontamination.

Compact Design: SmartFAST’s reduced footprint allows increased space efficiency within the lab – overall depth of just 652mm allows the unit pass through standard 800 mm wide door openings.

Motor blower: direct coupled motor, electronic speed controlled to maintain a constant laminar air flow of 0.45 m/sec.

Construction Materials:

  • External structure in epoxy powder coated cold-rolled steel – excellent corrosion resistance to common aggressive chemicals.
  • Rear wall in stainless steel AISI 304 L – enables easy cleanability.
  • Anti-Bacterial Coating – prevents microbial contamination of surfaces, inhibiting long term surface growth.

Safety glass side windows: ideally sized and positioned to provide enhanced lighting of the work area. 

SmartFAST by Faster | Medical Supply Company

Optional Features:

UV sterilizing lamp: Installed on the aluminium front closure panel.

Audio-visual alarms: (out of range airflow velocity, fan-motor malfunction, clogging of filter etc.)

For further technical specifications please visit our website or for inquiries about custom-made laminar flow cabinets please get in touch with our product specialist below and find out how we can help!

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