Add some mojo to your cell sorting experiments

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Isolating specific cell populations from a complex sample has become a common lab procedure. Using highly specific antibodies in combination with magnetic particles is one of the most common, quickest and easiest separation methods available. One of the easiest magnetic sorting systems is the MojoSort™  system from Biolegend. Unlike other systems, the MojoSort™  system does not require specialised columns. Instead a regular 5ml or 15ml tube is used, the cells and bead conjugated antibodies are added to the tube which is then placed inside the MojoSort™  magnet. All washing steps are pour-on, pour-off reducing the total time needed to sort your cells and eliminating the need for syringe plungers.

MojoSort™  kits are available in “positive” and “negative” selection protocols. The difference is that in “positive selection” the antibodies bind directly to the cells of interest and in “negative selection” the cells are interest are “untouched” by the antibodies.

MojoSort™  kits are available against human, mouse and rat cell surface proteins. Anti-streptavidin, anti-APC and anti-PE beads are also available which allow other antibodies to be used for your cell of interest and to use the MojoSort™  antibodies as a secondary antibody to pull out cells which have had the primary bound. You can see the full list of kits here.

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