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EcoHydra® Alcohol Free Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser.

Ecohydra is a cost effective, alcohol free, kind to hands sanitiser, that is ideal for use not just in schools, universities, creches but also at home.

Up to 40 times faster at neutralising bugs than alcohol sanitiser, Ecohydra can remain active for up to 4 hours protecting your children’s hands for longer. Proven to kill 99.9999% of common bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores, whilst moisturising the skin with soothing Aloe Vera. Vegan friendly, paraben & triclosan free. Ecohydra is non-flammable so can be safely stored in the school. No sticky residue, dry or cracked skin or nasty smell.

Hand Hygiene at school

Hand sanitiser is an essential tool in the fight against Covid-19, and in the safety of children returning to school this Autumn. Although most focus has been on sanitisers containing alcohol, which are undoubtedly effective and well understood, there are some drawbacks to the use of such alcohol-based sanitisers. This is where a non-alcohol based sanitiser may be the right solution for your pupils or children.

Skin Health/Sensitivity – alcohol-based sanitisers may dry or otherwise irritate skin. Ecohydra is more gentle on the skin and contains Aloe Vera for extra protection.

Storage – Alcohol is flammable. The WHO recommends that storage of over 50L of alcohol containing sanitiser requires a dedicated “Highly Flammable” store3. Government guidelines indicate that a school with 500 pupils will require at least 25L per week. Changing to Ecohydra removes the problem of storing highly flammable alcohol-based sanitisers. Dispensers should not be placed above or close to potential sources of ignition, such as light switches and electrical outlets3.

Cost  – The demand for alcohol-based sanitisers globally has led to sharp increases in prices for customers. At approx. EUR 4 per litre, the cost of Ecohydra compares favourably with the cost of alcohol-containing sanitisers. Furthermore, less Ecohydra is required per application versus alcohol gels therefore each litre goes further.

Does EcoHydra kill Coronavirus / Covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2

Yes, EcoHydra has been tested to European Standard EN 14476:2012 which tests virucidal activity i.e. how effective a substance is at killing viruses. The test uses Vaccinia virus as a surrogate. After two minutes EcoHydra had reduced the number of Vaccinia virus by 99.995%. This testing was carried out by an independent, accredited laboratory in the UK. The full test report is available on request.

Is the use of non-alcohol based sanitisers approved by Dept. of Education?

Yes, the use of non-alcohol based sanitisers is supported by the Irish government guidelines issued to schools on re-opening. Extract:

“Evidence of effectiveness is best for alcohol based hand rubs but non-alcohol based hand rubs can be used too1

The “COVID-19 response plan for primary and special schools” specifically calls out potential issues of alcohol-based products due to flammability and toxicity:

“When hand rubs/gels are being used in school care should be taken to ensure that pupils do not ingest them as they are flammable and toxic. 1

The Department of Education guidelines also state that young children cannot have unsupervised access to alcohol-based hand hygiene products:

“Young children should not have independent use of containers of alcohol gel. 1

How much do I need?

The Irish government guidelines are as follows for schools re-opening2.

Dispensers: a hand sanitiser dispenser is required for each classroom, each specialist room, entry and exit points, and other locations such as staff rooms.

Sanitiser fluid/liquid:

School Size (number of pupils) Estimated Litres per week
60 3-4
100 5-7
200 10-13
300 15-20
400 20-27
500 25-33

It is recommended that schools observe their usage carefully during the first few weeks of re-opening and adjust their requirements accordingly. As a smaller volume of EcoHydra is required per use versus alcohol-based gel, these guidelines should be at the upper end of what will actually be used.

How do I use Ecohydra?

Simple. Apply 1 to 2 squirts (0.4mL – 0.8mL) and rub over hands, fingers, and nails for 30 seconds until dry.

EcoHydra® Alcohol Free Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser

  • Proven superior performance over alcohol basedsanitising products
  • Kills up to 99.9999% of germs within 15-30seconds
  • Consistent effectiveness with repeated use
  • Remains active and effective against microorganisms after it has dried
  • 100% alcohol and Triclosan free
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe for use with children, mental health patients, alcoholics, etc.
  • Suitable for use across all religious beliefs
  • Does not promote superbug resistance
  • Fragrance free
  • Price per application lower than traditional alcohol-based sanitisers
  • Does not dry, irritate, or damage the integrity or pH level of the skin
  • Effective against Norovirus and all enveloped viruses (including coronaviruses); also Clostridium difficile at 30 seconds, so can be used during C. diffout breaks, unlike alcohol based products
  • Meets and exceeds FDA guidelines for instant hand sanitisers

Where is Ecohydra suitable for?

Schools, hospitals, nursing homes, dentists, doctors, opticians, retail operations, Podiatrists, food preparation and manufacturing .

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1From “COVID-19 response plan for primary and special schools” accessed at on 19th August 2020.

2From “Guidance for Primary Schools & Special Schools on PPE, Consumables and Equipment” accessed at at 19th August 2020


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