The difficulties and pitfalls on HbS diagnosis

The difficulties and pitfalls of HbS diagnosis, sickle cell, sickle cell disease | Medical Supply Company

Who: SEBIA speaker Dr. Wajcman

What: Educational webinar on the difficulties and pitfalls of HbS Diagnosis

When: January 13th 2021 @ 9am and January 19th 2021 @ 1pm

Where: Register here; click here

HbS is an inherited variant of haemoglobin that causes Sickle Cell Disease. The HbS variant is a mutation in the beta chain of the haemoglobin molecule causing the red blood cells to become sickle or curved in shape. This reduces the red blood cells ability to carry oxygen efficiently around the body often leading to anaemia.

Sickle cell disease is the most important haemoglobin disease and is classified as the 4th priority in global health care after cancer, HIV, and malaria according to the world health organisation (WHO).

SEBIA Capillarys 3 uses capillary electrophoresis to separate the different haemoglobin factions. It can detect haemoglobinopathies such as HbS in babies at birth using blood taken from the umbilical cord. Register to find out more about how SEBIA overcome many of the difficulties in diagnosing a patient with Sickle Cell Disease.

For more on the Capillarys 3 click here or contact your local Sebia representative for more information.  Click here

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