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New Supplier Announcement AnatHomic Solutions | Medical Supply Company

MSC are delighted to announce their new partnership with AnatHomic Solutions, who specialise in the manufacture of pathology equipment for autopsies and mortuaries.

With over 29 years’ experience, they are leaders in the design and manufacture of specialist equipment for pathological anatomy, forensic medicine, teaching and funeral requirements. AnatHomic Solutions also offer the possibility to adapt their products to the individual end-user needs.

On January 16th, the MSC Clinical Sales Team took the opportunity to visit the AnatHomic Solutions showrooms based in Barcelona, in addition to viewing a recently installed project in the cut-up room at Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova Hospital

MSC & AnatHomic Solutions January 2020

Please contact MSC for more information on the AnatHomic Solutions product portfolio including refrigerated mortuary cabinets, autopsy tables, dissection tables, grossing stations, ventilated cabinets, stainless steel furniture and accessories.

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