SRK® – the solution for sampling difficult surfaces in the food industry

SRK® - the solution for sampling difficult surfaces in the food industry | Medical Supply Company

SRK® sampling solution is ideal for microbial sampling, cleaning validation, environmental monitoring and in food manufacturing plants. The Swab Rinse Kit (SRK) range meets all the requirements of ISO 18593:2018. The SRK rinse solution kits can be used to sample food products, as well as floors and surfaces in production areas.

The SRK swabs come pre-moistened to optimise sample uptake, especially on dry surfaces such as equipment and filling lines. The wet swab system is the best method for sampling uneven and irregular surfaces, making even hard-to-reach areas easy to monitor. The swab is available in different lengths and is combined with a rinse solution in a labelled screw-cap tube for convenient sample collection and transport. Combining the swab and rinse solution in this easy-to-use format cuts down on the time taken to prepare media and carry out testing.

How to choose the perfect SRK swab format?

  1. Firstly, choose the type of media and fill volume:
  • SRK Solution – neutralises antimicrobial agents
  • Letheen Broth – neutralises surface disinfectants
  • Butterfield’s (phosphate buffer) – common microbiological diluent
  • Buffered peptone water – pre-enrichment for food specimens
  • Then choose the swab format:
  • Swab attached to the cap in tube with rinse solution
  • Separate swab in peel pouch with tube containing broth or rinse solution

Sterile sampling templates can also be used to standardise the size of sampling areas, making CFU results comparable between different areas and technicians. The templates come in two sizes and are sterile packaged: one or five templates per pack.

Once back to the lab, all that is left to do is vortex the sample to ensure an even suspension and inoculate the pour plate or spread plate, saving time and reducing the labs media requirements.

Environmental Monitoring and Food Safety

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