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New Supplier BioLife Solutions | Medical Supply Company

MSC are delighted to announce our new partnership with BioLife Solutions, a leading supplier of bio-preservation and cell thawing products. The BioLife Solutions range is designed to preserve the viability and function of your biologic materials and significantly increase the reproducibility of freezing and thawing processes from R&D to commercial cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

A novel, water-free technology that replaces traditional methods of cell thawing that can negatively affect the integrity and viability of the sample. ThawSTAR® eliminates the risk of contamination and delivers controlled thawing profiles to maximise reproducibility. The range is suitable for use with standard cryogenic vials, AT-Closed Vials and cryobags of various sizes. The range also includes BioT ULT and liquid nitrogen transport systems to keep samples frozen during short-term transport and processing.

Intended for cryopreservation of biologics at -70 to -196°C to reduce cell stress responses during freezing and thawing. CryoStor is pre-formulated with USP-grade DMSO in final concentrations of 2%, 5%, and 10% to mitigate damage from intracellular ice. This enables greatly improved cell yield, viability, and recovery post-thaw.

HypoThermosol® biopreservation media is an optimised, serum-free, protein-free cryo-storage and shipping medium engineered to provide maximum stability for biologics at 2-8°C. Compared to other commercial and home-brew formulations, HypoThermosol has proven more effective in reducing post-preservation necrosis and apoptosis. This results in greatly extended shelf life and improved post-preservation viability.

Generic cGMP freezing media products used to preserve stem cells, other cells, and cell components isolated from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, bone marrow, and other biologics.

Contact MSC below for more information on the BioLife Solutions portfolio of cryopreservation and controlled thawing solutions.

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