Tonbos Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit; The Answer to Your Needs

Transcription factors (TFs) are the primary regulators of gene expression, and are defined as proteins that bind to specific DNA sequences in order to control transcription, which in turn influences molecular pathways and ultimately the phenotypic characteristics of any given cell.

Considering they interact with DNA, their examination requires a probe to penetrate both the cellular and nuclear membranes. This is easier said than done as preparing your sample for probing can be so destructive that it becomes non-specific and uninformative.

This is where the Tonbo Bioscience Foxp3/Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit can help! It contains specifically formulated buffers and solutions designed for optimal resolution with low background, ensuring that you get the best and most informative staining possible. Designed for nuclear antigen analysis by flow cytometry, this kit contains the following:

  • 1X Transcription Factor Fix/Perm Diluent

Used to dilute the 4X Transcription Factor Fix/Perm Concentrate

  • 4X Transcription Factor Fix/Perm Concentrate

When diluted with 1X Transcription Factor Fix/Perm Diluent, this specifically designed solution provides the best results in protocols intracellular TF staining using conjugated fluorescent antibodies

  • 10X Flow Cytometry Perm Buffer

When diluted with distilled water to a concentration of 1X, this specifically designed solution maintains membrane permeabilization throughout the staining and washing process, and provides the best results for all your intracellular staining needs, including cytokine and cytoplasmic antigen analysis.

But I already have a protocol that works, why should I change?

We hear you, changing protocols, especially ones that work can feel like asking for trouble, however, Tonbo was established by a team of immunologists, researchers and industry leaders with the aim of offering the same high quality reagents as other leading suppliers, but at more affordable prices! Sound too good to be true? See the results for yourself, below is a like-for-like comparison study and ask for a quote today, the data and pricing speaks for itself!

C57Bl/6 splenocytes were stained with FITC Anti-Mouse CD4 followed by intracellular staining with APC Anti-Mouse Foxp3 (clone 3G3). Intracellular staining was performed using Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit (TNB-0607-KIT) manufactured by Tonbo Biosciences (right panel), or the comparable kit available from BD Biosciences (left panel), and eBioscience (middle panel).

For more information on the Tonbo Foxp3/Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Kit, contact your local MSC representative below.

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