Kits that detect 7 STI causing pathogens

kits for sti

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) comprise a large group of worldwide pathogen infections. Approximately thirty different STI are known, which are caused by more than twenty types of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites. If STI are not diagnosed in time and treated appropriately, they may cause severe pathological conditions, which often affect the male […]

Copan Workshop – ECCMID 2019

Copan Workshop ECCMID 2019 | Medical Supply Company

The Synthesis Copan’s role in Microbiology Where : Amsterdam When: 15th April 2019 This years event will be held in Amsterdam, there is limited availability on this highly sought after scientfic workshop where you can learn more on Copan’s role in Microbiology and explore the latest innovations and news from Copan. This year Copan are […]

International Darwin Day

International Darwin Day

Happy International Darwin Day Today we celebrate the birthday of the great Charles Darwin, who impacted science and our thinking about our world, his theory on evolution has had far-reaching effects on science and the way we understand life. International Darwin Day is to encourage people throughout the world to think and act on the […]

Should you test for Burkholderia cepacia?

Should you test / care for Burkholderia cepacia, Gram- Negative Rod | Medical Supply Company

Why you should care about Burkholderia cepacia A recent article from Charles River “Why You Should Care About Burkholderia cepacia” caught our attention and reminded us of the importance of this ubiquitous Gram-negative rod. The question of whether or not to test for Burkholderia cepacia frequently arises for all non-sterile pharmaceuticals, personal care products and […]

Do you need a better method than MYP for Bacillus enumeration?

Bacillus enumeration | Medical Supply Company

COMPASS® Bacillus cereus Agar is a rapid method for the enumeration of presumptive Bacillus cereus in human and animal food products within 24 hours. COMPASS® Bacillus cereus Agar is a solid medium used for the detection and the enumeration of spores and vegetative forms of presumptive species belonging to the group Bacillus cereus in products […]

Ready to-use liquid media in bags- Streamline media preparation in the lab.

bags for liquid media,Ready to use liquid media in bags | Medical Supply Company

Do you want to increase productivity by decreasing culture media preparation time? Then check out BioKar Flexible bag media. Developed for media preparation in minutes and eliminating the need for weighing and autoclaving of dehydrated culture media. Media is ready to go, just connect and fill! Ready to go when you are, the bags are […]

SYMPHONY® Yeast & Molds Agar – now AFNOR-validated!

Symphony Yeast & Mould agar BM19108 | Medical Supply Company

SYMPHONY® Yeast & Molds Agar – now AFNOR-validated! SYMPHONY® is a rapid method for enumeration of yeasts and moulds without need for confirmation tests. MSC and BioKar are delighted to announce that as of January 2019 SYMPHONY® is now AFNOR-validated. SYMPHONY® allows the enumeration of yeasts and moulds in human and animal food products and […]

Sign up for Immucor webinars in 2019 and earn CE credits

Immucor Webinar | Medical Supply Company

Immucor is approved as a provider of continuing education programs by the ABHI and PACE Programs. For 2019 they have added some new webinars listed below A link to register for CE credits will be distributed at the conclusion of the webinar. See range of events from Immucor for 2019, just click below and tick […]

Tiziano Ultra-Compact Automatic Stainer

Laboratory Kit out, Reagents, Molecular, Sciences, Equipment, IT solutions, Pharma, Clinical Diagnostics, Life Science, Healthcare, Fridges, sciences, consumables, ELISA Tiziano Ultra Compact Automatic Stainer | Medical Supply Company

Tiziano Ultra-Compact Automatic Stainer New from Diapath the Tiziano is an automatic stainer for special stainings, intraoperative pathology consultation, H&E, Papanicolaou, and R.O.S.E.. Ideal for user in Cytology, Anatomic Pathology and Microbiology laboratories. The Tiziano is small in size, an extremely versatile and low maintenance instrument optimizes the space inside the laboratory. The automation allows […]

Keith Tipton Medal 2018

For the fourth year running MSC has proudly sponsored the Keith Tipton medal for the best postgraduate project.  The medal was awarded to Xiaoxiao Yu.  Her supervisor is Martin Caffrey and the working title of her thesis is: “Structural and Functional Studies of Lipoprotein Signal Peptidase (LspA) from Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)”.