Tips on specifying a new Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC)

tips on specifiying a new biological safety cabinet, clean air containment | Medical Supply company

Tips on specifiying a new Biological Safety Cabinet The choice of brands and options available when purchasing a new Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) can be bewildering. At MSC we ask 11 key questions to determine the correct BSC for our customers. The first four questions help determine the correct type of cabinet: Determine the correct […]

What are auditors looking for in growth promotion testing (GPT)?

Auditors growth promotion testing GPT | Medical Supply Company

Microbiologics have published a new post highlighting the best practices that auditors look for when evaluating growth promotion testing (GPT). By referencing the various Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur., USP, JP) they discuss some of the key questions pertaining to GPT:  When must you perform? What are the requirements for the challenge organisms used? Do you need […]

Daffodil Day 2019

Daffodill Day 2019 Cancer Diagnostic Products Ireland | Medical Supply Company

As we celebrate Daffodil Day 2019, we can look back on the last couple years which has heralded a number of advancements in both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including Car-T therapy developed by Novartis and Gilead. As everyday passes, researchers are discovering more about the progression of the disease as well as new […]

Happy International Women’s Day

International Women's day | Medical Supply Company

Today we celebrate international women’s day, since it’s inception Medical Supply Company have been championing women’s success and recognised early on the importance of women in the workplace. We are proud to say we have successfully brought many women to the “table” over the years. At the helm our MD supports women in STEM, the […]

Donatello Series 2 New Features

Donatello Series 2 new features | Medical Supply Company

Virtual intelligence introduced to tissue processors Diapath have released software updates for their Donatello Series 2. These upgrades include a very important new feature and safety improvements such as…. Introduction of a new amazing feature EVA (Emergency eVoluted Algorithm) into the Donatello S2 EVA is a virtual intelligence able to manage and solve potential emergency […]

Meet MSC at the IACR Meeting in Belfast – 21st-22nd February

IACR 2019 | Medical Supply Company

MSC is proud to be sponsoring the 2019 IACR Annual Conference at the Europa Hotel in Belfast.  We will have a trade stand on the 21st-22nd of February, please stop by to hear about our new special promotions, including: Huge savings on DNA polymerases and QPCR reagents New Smarter microRNA NGS library preparation kits Viral […]

Kits that detect 7 STI causing pathogens

kits for sti

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) comprise a large group of worldwide pathogen infections. Approximately thirty different STI are known, which are caused by more than twenty types of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites. If STI are not diagnosed in time and treated appropriately, they may cause severe pathological conditions, which often affect the male […]

Copan Workshop – ECCMID 2019

Copan Workshop ECCMID 2019 | Medical Supply Company

The Synthesis Copan’s role in Microbiology Where : Amsterdam When: 15th April 2019 This years event will be held in Amsterdam, there is limited availability on this highly sought after scientfic workshop where you can learn more on Copan’s role in Microbiology and explore the latest innovations and news from Copan. This year Copan are […]

International Darwin Day

International Darwin Day

Happy International Darwin Day Today we celebrate the birthday of the great Charles Darwin, who impacted science and our thinking about our world, his theory on evolution has had far-reaching effects on science and the way we understand life. International Darwin Day is to encourage people throughout the world to think and act on the […]

Should you test for Burkholderia cepacia?

Should you test / care for Burkholderia cepacia, Gram- Negative Rod | Medical Supply Company

Why you should care about Burkholderia cepacia A recent article from Charles River “Why You Should Care About Burkholderia cepacia” caught our attention and reminded us of the importance of this ubiquitous Gram-negative rod. The question of whether or not to test for Burkholderia cepacia frequently arises for all non-sterile pharmaceuticals, personal care products and […]