Array Services

RayBiotech our trusted partner, offers comprehensive array services that can maximize your productivity and deliver reliable results for your project. As a pioneer in the industry, RayBiotech has the experience and expertise to support all aspects of the array printing and analysis workflow.

RayBiotech enables accelerated and assured discovery through its cutting-edge technology, allowing you to confidently find more in less time .

A full suite of services on offer that can support all or part of the array printing and analysis workflow, depending on your needs.

This service can custom-print an array or use one of our off-the-shelf products, conduct the study, and even include data analysis and interpretation.

RayBiotech can assist you in advancing your multiplex protein analysis projects in an effective and self-assured manner, whether it be through the printing of unique protein or peptide arrays, or through complete quantitative and/or discovery research.

How it works


  1. Finalize your service agreement.
  2. Prepare your samples for shipment—you can find instructions here.
  3. Fill out a Service Form and include it with your shipment.
  4. Ship RayBiotech your samples.


  1. Once your samples are received, RayBiotech will send you an email.
  2. They will conduct your studies, keeping you informed about any issues or delays.
  3. You will receive updates as requested in the service agreement.
  4. RayBiotech will send back data and perform any additional services such as Biostatistics and Bioinformatics.
  5. If there are any leftover samples, you will be asked ask if you’d like RayBiotech to discard them, ship them back to you, or store them at their facility.

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