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Our trusted partners, PMT (GB) Limited has been dedicated to contamination control instrumentation for 20 years.

PMT (GB) Limited supplies instruments that are used for particle counting, microbial air monitoring, compressed gas sampling and static charge elimination. PMT are also ISO 17025 (UKAS) accredited for particle counter calibration.

Reducing or eliminating your contamination whether this is particles, microorganisms or static can improve production, reduce downtime, and increase reliability in your product.


Key Application Areas:

  • Particle Counting / Continuous Monitoring
  • Cleanroom Validation
  • Microbial Air Sampling
  • Real-Time Microbial Monitoring
  • Continuous Environmental Monitoring
  • Surface Particle Measurements
  • Contamination investigations

Key product lines



Real Time Microbial Monitoring

  • BioTrak Real Time Microbial Monitoring System
Particle Counter A100
AeroTrak 9303 Handheld Particle Counter | Medical Supply Company

Particle Counting Solutions

  • AeroTrak Handheld Particle Counters
  • AeroTrak Portable Particle Counters

Microbial Air Samplers

  • Hyclas 100/180 Portable Microbial Air Sampler
  • Hyclas 100/180 Fixed Air Sampler
  • P100 – Microbial Airsampler

PMT’s core areas of expertise are primarily focussed on the following industry sectors:

Pharmaceutical | Healthcare | Food, Cosmetics, Beverage | Semiconductor

Automotive | Aerospace | Environmental | Hospitals and Operating theatres

Research | Life Science | Medical Devices | Biomedical

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