Daffodil Day 2019

Daffodill Day 2019 Cancer Diagnostic Products Ireland | Medical Supply Company

As we celebrate Daffodil Day 2019, we can look back on the last couple years which has heralded a number of advancements in both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including Car-T therapy developed by Novartis and Gilead. As everyday passes, researchers are discovering more about the progression of the disease as well as new biomarkers to study and develop into new screening assays, including the work carried out by Antoinette Perry and her group in UCD on a non-invasive prostate cancer diagnostic assay, EpiCaPture.

For almost 50 years Medical Supply Company has been supporting cancer research, including the development of new cancer treatments and diagnostic tests. MSC has also supplied a number of cancer diagnostic products to the Irish healthcare sector. MSC is constantly searching for new diagnostic tests, such as the non-invasive bladder cancer test from Nucleix called EpiCheck, as well as the new NGS Onco panel 56G, Myriapod from Diatech Pharmacogenetics.

We are also always looking for new tools and techniques for cancer research, including the iCELL8 automated single cell system, and SMARTer ThruPLEX plasma-seq NGS library preparation kits from Takara.

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MSC Staff got together and had a coffee morning to support the Irish Cancer Society’s fundraising event.

Daffodil Day 2019  Cancer Diagnostic Products Ireland | Medical Supply Company
MSC Staff Daffodil Day coffee morning

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