Team Building with a Difference: Cooking with Refugees Programme

Team Building with a Difference | Medical Supply Company

On International Women’s Day 2023, MSC would like to share our recent experience with an inspiring group of women. As part of The Irish Refugee Council’s “Cooking with Refugees” programme, staff from MSC spent an enjoyable, informative, and delicious afternoon in the company of a number of women refugees from Algeria.  

The MSC team participated in preparing a three-course meal typical of Algerian cuisine, including Shorba with vermicelli (a hearty soup with veg, spices, chicken and vermicelli pasta), Coca Algérienne (a delicious half-tart half-pizza combo with puff pastry stuffed with a tuna, olive and tomato filling) and Kesra (a simple, but yum flat-bread or ‘home bread’) for which the MSC teams kneading and rolling skills were severely berated. We finished up with an unnamed dessert of strawberries, apples and lots of whipped cream! The ingredients used were everyday products from supermarkets in Ireland but used in new and exciting combinations. The only complaint from our gracious hosts was the dire state of Irish courgettes – too big and two leathery apparently! Everyone received a copy of the recipes allowing our team to add some new dishes to their family meals. 

MSC staff learned about the varied ethnic groups and languages in Algeria; some of the women were from a French-speaking background while others grew up speaking the lesser-known Berber dialects. We listened to the women’s own experiences as refugees coming to Ireland, including time their spent in Direct Provision. Most importantly, we learned never to mess with an Algerian’s flat bread! 

If you are looking for something different for your next team building event, please consider this fantastically deserving programme.

More about the Irish Refugee Council 

The Irish Refugee Council is an independent non-governmental organisation working with and for refugees and people seeking protection in Ireland. Our Vision ‘A just, fair and inclusive Irish society for people seeking protection’ Our Mission ‘To promote and enhance the lives of refugees in Ireland’ The IRC’s priorities are delivering high-quality support and advice to people in the asylum process; supporting and protecting children and young people; public and political awareness raising and advocacy; and capacity building among key players in the asylum system in order to bring about positive changes to practice and policy. Our Values Independence To work tirelessly and fearlessly to fulfil our charitable mandate to assist people seeking asylum in Ireland and bring about change to improve their lives. Human Rights The international human rights law framework, and the fundamental right to claim asylum, is at the core of our work. Inclusion We strive to be inclusive and representative of people in the asylum process and ensuring that their voice is prioritised and amplified at all times. Expertise We will be experts in asylum law, policy and practice in order to ensure the best services and policy outputs. Partnership We work together with other organisations, activists and individuals for the best interests of people seeking asylum.