Product Focus: Celloger® Mini Plus

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Introducing Celloger® Mini Plus

Celloger® Mini Plus is an advanced automated live cell imaging system that brings cutting-edge technology to your cell-based research and applications. This state-of-the-art system is equipped with a range of powerful features to help you unlock new insights into the world of cells.

Advanced Fluorescence and Bright Field Microscopy:

With its sophisticated fluorescence and bright field microscopy capabilities, Celloger® Mini Plus allows you to visualize and analyze cellular structures and processes with exceptional clarity and precision. Whether you’re observing dynamic cellular events or studying fluorescently labelled proteins, this imaging system provides the tools you need for comprehensive and detailed analysis.

Autofocusing Technology: Achieving sharp and accurate focus during live cell imaging can be challenging, especially in dynamic environments. Celloger® Mini Plus incorporates advanced autofocusing technology that ensures continuous and reliable focus adjustments throughout your experiments. This feature guarantees that your cells remain in focus, minimizing image artifacts and maximizing the quality of your data.

Real-Time Multi-Position Imaging:

The ability to capture images from multiple positions is crucial for studying cell populations or exploring various regions of interest within a sample. Celloger® Mini Plus offers real-time multi-position imaging, enabling you to effortlessly acquire data from different areas of your sample in a time-efficient manner. This capability is particularly beneficial for investigating cell migration, cell-to-cell interactions, and spatial cellular responses.

Accuracy and Reproducibility:

Celloger® Mini Plus is engineered to deliver precise and reproducible results, ensuring the reliability of your research outcomes. By providing consistent imaging conditions and automated protocols, this system eliminates potential sources of variability, allowing you to focus on analyzing your data and drawing meaningful conclusions.

Versatility in Cell-Based Research:

With Celloger® Mini Plus, the possibilities for cell-based research are virtually limitless. Whether you are studying cellular dynamics, performing high-throughput screens, investigating cell signalling pathways, or analyzing cellular responses to different stimuli, this all-around system empowers you to tackle a wide range of research projects effectively.

Effortless Data Analysis:

To complement its imaging capabilities, Celloger® Mini Plus is equipped with intuitive software for data analysis and visualization. Extracting valuable information from your images becomes a streamlined process, enabling you to derive meaningful insights from your experiments efficiently.

In summary, Celloger® Mini Plus is a comprehensive automated live cell imaging system that equips researchers with the latest technologies in fluorescence and bright field microscopy, autofocusing, and real-time multi-position imaging. By empowering researchers with these advanced features, Celloger® Mini Plus opens doors to groundbreaking discoveries and accurate research results, propelling the field of cell biology forward. Expand your cell discoveries and elevate your research to new heights with Celloger® Mini Plus!

This innovative live cell imaging system is manufactured by our partner Curiosis, to find out more about Celloger® Mini Plus or to arrange a demo, contact us below!

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