Discover our future with ELISA Genie

ELISA Genie are an Irish based supplier of over 15,000 high quality ELISA Kits for veterinary, pharma and academic research. At ELISA Genie we supply ELISA Kits for a number of species including Human, Rat, Rabbit, Mouse, Chicken, Guinea,Pig, Porcine, Monkey, Sheep, Canine, Bovine and Goat, providing key targets allowing researchers to discover the future.

The ELISA Genie ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays) assay kits are designed for the quantitative measurement of analytes in a wide variety of samples. As today’s scientists demand high quality consistent data for high impact journals, ELISA Genie have developed the range of sensitive, fast and reliable ELISA kit assays to meet and exceed those demands.

Discover our future with ELISAGenie

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