Medical Equipment and Laboratory Products for Middle Eastern Charity

Medical Supply Company were delighted to be able to donate a shipment of Medical Equipment and Laboratory Products for the Middle Eastern Charity St’ Marks Universal Copt Care Charity (registered charity number: 1155451), a charity that aims to deliver high-quality healthcare to disadvantaged groups living in the Middle-East. They are aiming to provide modern healthcare facilities to provide safe treatment to those less fortunate in Egypt and Sudan – where one of their current projects is constructing healthcare centres and hospitals for those in need. Our donation is going towards the Sehaty Project

The Sehaty Project allowed St Marks Universal Copt Care identify areas in Egypt of desperate need, they are now working to develop four international hospitals and three medical centres. St Mark Universal Copts Care is working in partnership with the Papal Office for these projects to construct healthcare centres and hospitals, run to the highest standards of hospital management, and providing high quality healthcare services to those in need.