Ready to-use liquid media in bags- Streamline media preparation in the lab.

bags for liquid media,Ready to use liquid media in bags | Medical Supply Company

Do you want to increase productivity by decreasing culture media preparation time? Then check out BioKar Flexible bag media. Developed for media preparation in minutes and eliminating the need for weighing and autoclaving of dehydrated culture media. Media is ready to go, just connect and fill!

Ready to go when you are, the bags are highly adaptable to laboratory workflows and automated equipment, such as dilutors, with no further supplementation required.

  • Cost-effective: no need for weighing of media or sterilization
  • Easy to use:
  • Safe: eliminate handling of glassware, weighing of culture media, and the need to add supplementary reagents.
  • Empty bags can be disposed of with normal laboratory waste
  • Energy Saving: gamma irradiated, eliminating the need for costly autoclaving

Available now for popular diluents and enrichment media: Buffered Peptone Water (BPW), Half-Fraser Broth, Tryptone-Salt Broth (TSB) and Maximum Recovery Diluent. Also, available in custom formats please enquire.

For the ultimate convenience pair with an automated dilutor such as the Alliance Bio Expertise (ABE) Diluwel

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