Go Green with Haier Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Go Green with Haier Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers | Medical Supply Company

Ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers are a staple in your laboratory and are one of the largest perpetrators of energy consumption.  Haier has been developing and pioneering smarter, greener and cleaner technologies to reduce the energy and impact of ULT equipment. 

Haier Eco-Friendly ULTs can save you energy compared to standard brand freezers

The entire Haier ULT range uses hydrocarbon refrigeration technology, and this saves 50% on energy usage, significantly reducing the running costs of the freezer.  Hydrocarbon refrigerant also contains no fluorine or chlorine and has a global warming potential (GWP) value of just 3, meaning this refrigerant is a more environmentally friendly option compared to HFC refrigerants

Haier supply three versions of low energy ULTs:

  • Salvum standard low energy series, come in size ranges from 100L – 829L
  • Smart Frequency – Lowest energy series, with two variable speed compressors which are controlled for optimal freezer performance.
  • TwinCool – Biobanking series, two independent compressors mean extra insurance for low temperature

All come with the following features to lower energy consumption:

  • VIP insulated door, with 5 layers of gaskets with rigid foamed polyurethane door for insulation
  • Pressure equalization port, allowing users to reopen the main door shortly after entering
  • Removable inner doors, the doors are easily removable for de-icing and cleaning
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