PuraShield™ 500 Air Purifier Cabinet

Purashield 500 Air Purifier | Medical Supply Company

With covid spreading more easily in indoor settings large droplets fall to the ground over short distances, tiny droplets known as aerosols can carry the virus over distances greater than two metres, and linger. Masks, social distancing and well a ventilated space can help curb the spread of covid19.

The PuraShield™ 500 Air Purifier Cabinet is a portable air disinfectant unit that uses molecular filtration technology, scientifically proven to remove 99.99% of aerosols carrying harmful viruses, bacteria and airborne pollutants that lead to infection.

HEPA technology filters can remove airborne particulate matter (PM) circulating in your classroom, home or office environment. Removing these pollutants can lead to several immediate and long term health benefits and reduce chances of airborne disease.

Air purifiers can refresh stale air, reducing the chances of health issues caused by indoor pollutants, which can trigger respiratory infections, neurological problems, or aggravate symptoms in asthma sufferers.

The PuraShield™ 500 Air Purifier Cabinet is compact in design and quickly and effectively removes many aerosols carrying harmful viruses, bacteria, mould, and smoke from the air.

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