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A recent report by the European Centre of Disease and Control (ECDC) has suggested that the upcoming flu season could be the most severe in years. Although the overall number of influenza detections in the majority of European countries is still low, indications show that influenza circulation is above the seasonal threshold in some countries, which is unusually early.

The main reported subtype among the cases recorded in Europe during the past month is A(H3N2), which disproportionally affects older people, and is associated with lower vaccine effectiveness.

During 2020-2021 flu season, there was a remarkable decrease (>99%) in the number of influenza infections detected in the Europe.[i] This is the result of social distancing and increased hand hygiene measures adopted by the public due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, due to the absence of the flu many of us will have reduced immunity against influenza. As people begin to return to work and gather with milder restrictions, winter viruses are expected to significantly increase.

One major concern is that an increase in severe flu will add additional pressure to healthcare systems which are already under significant pressure.

As stated by Pasi Penttinen, head of ECDC’s influenza programme: “A steep rise in flu infections during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could have serious consequences for the elderly and those with weak immune systems and could place an additional burden on health systems already strained by the pandemic. It is therefore important that we take the necessary precautions and protect those most at risk”.

Thankfully, Copan has a range of pre-analytical products which can help alleviate the burden placed on hospitals by the upcoming flu season:


  • eNAT® is intended to collect, transport, and preserve microbial and human nucleic acids to be analysed by amplification techniques. With its rapid analysis and inactivation features, eNAT® is the ready-to-use device to quickly homogenize your sample, for a high-quality, unbiased nucleic acid yield, and fast turnaround time.


  • MSwab® is a true all-round pre-analytical device designed for optimized compatibility with molecular platforms, allowing backup culturing of bacteria and viruses.


  • Copan Universal Transport Medium (UTM®) system is intended for the collection, transport, and preservation of clinical specimens containing Viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, and Urea plasma.


  • FLOQSwabs® consists of a customizable moulded plastic shaft and a tip coated with perpendicular short Nylon® fibres. Thanks to the superior elution efficiency, FLOQSwabs® ensure a flawless specimen collection, expanding downstream testing capabilities. FLOQSwabs® soft flocked tip is available in numerous sizes and shapes to fit many anatomical collection sites.

Copan’s range of pre-analytical products ensure a quick, capillarity-driven sample uptake and a superior elution of the biological specimen, expanding downstream diagnostic testing capabilities.

If you are interested or require further information on any of Copan’s products please get in touch with our product specialist below or browse our range of Copan sample collections here.  

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[i]  Early influenza cases indicate the possibility of severe upcoming season for elderly. (2021). Retrieved 29 October 2021, from https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/news-events/early-influenza-cases-indicate-possibility-severe-upcoming-season