Precisa PrepASH: Instant savings in time and costs during routine thermogravimetric analysis of organic matter content

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Do you need to determine organic matter content in your samples?

Do you have a high number of thermogravimetric analyses also known as tga analysis to perform?

Are you currently using a furnace to measure this or automate your tga process?

If so, the PrepASH may be the ideal unit for your lab to optimise this process and save you time.

The current gold standard laboratory method for determining organic matter is to manually weigh the sample in a crucible, place it in a furnace at a pre-determined temperature for a specific time, allowing it to cool and then weigh it again after drying. Although this is considered the gold standard, it is very time-consuming and brings the element of human error into play.

As a result, labs are entering the era of moving to the use of automated thermogravimetric analysers. To meet this need, Precisa, a leading Swiss manufacturer of thermogravimetric analytical measuring equipment have produced the Precisa prepASH 340 series; a cutting edge benchtop system consisting of a drying oven, muffle furnace and analytical balance controlled by advanced software and a touch screen all within one unit.

Benefits of the PrepAsh in TGA analyser

The PrepASH leads to significantly improved operations within the lab as it:

  • Allows up to 29 samples to be run at once.
  • Allows less hands on time as once it is loaded and started it runs autonomously, freeing up staff to do other work in the lab and reduce the element of human error.
  • Contains a  powerful heating element ensuring fast and homogenous temperature distribution up to 1000 °C +/-2%.
  • In built-high performance analytical balance enabling direct weighing-in and continuous control of analytical cycle and end point recognition
  • Freely programable temperature profile and various stop-modes mean that each cycle can be specifically adapted to the sample undergoing test.
  • It also allows fully automatic analysis for each individual test sample and provides a printable report with process parameters, graphics and weighing curves while conforming with GLP guidelines.
  • Allows remote monitoring and stores data measurements in the device, which can be reproduced by means of USB stick or over the network on the PC and transferred into LIMS.
  • The pre-installed software is compliant with the regulations of FDA CFR 21 Part 11.

Technical Specifications

The three new prepASH® 340 models represent the greatest degree of thermo-gravimetric analysis and offer a unique combination of significant benefits. The highest grade module the PrepASH 229 autonomously analyses the organic matter content of up to 29 samples in one run.

The PrepASH is available in a number of different sizes:

ModelprepASH 229prepASH 219prepASH 212
Number of samples:291912
Weighing system
Weighing range:120 g120 g120 g
Readability:0.0001 g0.0001 g0.0001 g
Minimal Sample weight:0.1 g0.1 g0.1 g
Heating System
Temperature range:50 °C-1000 °C50 °C-1000 °C50 °C-1000 °C
Temperature stability:+/-2%+/-2%+/-2%
Dimensions (mm)H x W x D / 620 x 590 x 870H  x W x D / 620 x 590 x 870H  x W x D / 620 x 590 x 870

PrepAsh Areas of application:

  • Pharmaceutical industry (sulfated ash)
  • Chemical Industry (Plastics, Chemicals QC, rubbers)
  • Food Industry
  • Agriculture (fertilizer and animal feed)
  • Building materials (cement)
  • Environmental (Soil, Purification of Sludge)
  • Petrol, gas and coal

The PrepAsh delivers the highest level of thermo-gravimetric analysis and provides a revolutionary improvement in the sample preparation, analysis, and documentation processes a must for any lab

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