Infectious Disease Scientific Controls – Without These, Your Lab Might Become A Netflix Show For All the Wrong Reasons!

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Infectious Disease Scientific Controls, how Microbix can help your lab.

Do you work with any of these infectious agents?

·         Toxoplasma gondii·         Chlamydia trachomatis
·         Rubella·         Herpes Simplex
·         Cytomegalovirus·         Dengue
·         Herpes Simplex·         Adenovirus
·         Varicella-Zoster·         Parainfluenza
·         Epstein-Barr·         Mycoplasma pneumoniae
·         Measles·         Influenza A and B
·         Mumps·         Chlamydia pneumonia
Infectious Disease Scientific Controls | Medical Supply Company

If yes, how do you control for their presence or absence in your assay or assays?

Do you use disease-specific antigens?

Do you use in-house controls? If you use these, how do you control potential infectivity and repeatability issue events? Have you a plan in place to deal with the regulatory limits coming?

If you do not currently use controls, how do you control the identification of the fundamental absence or presence of the disease you are investigating? How do you confirm that your assay is specific and accurate? What visuals do you have on operation control, traceability, and erroneous results?

Diagnostic and scientific assays typically only include assay-related controls, not pathogen-related ones, and without these, it is impossible to truly know what you are detecting! Microbix produces one of the largest ranges of infectious disease antigens specifically to help you have absolute confidence in your assays.

Other Key Advantages of Using Microbix Scientific Controls:

  • Microbix produces controls that are CE-IVD marked for monitoring clinical diagnostic lab workflow and procedures traceability
  • Their controls can be used to ensure the day-to-day consistency of any analytical IVD medical device process
  • Microbix produces controls for ensuring device specification compliance as well as teaching and training lab personnel, including IQ/OQ/PQ validation/verification training
  • All Microbix controls are industry-leading with cross-platform flexibility
  • Their controls can also be easily stored at 2-8oC and have excellent stability ranging from 6 months to 2 years depending on the control
  • Microbix provides access to unique analytes as well as native, whole, and inactivated pathogens

Who is Microbix you might ask?

Founded in Ontario Canada, Microbix has over 3 decades worth of experience and expertise in the field of viral and bacterial biologic preparations. Their high-quality products are used by researchers, clinical scientists, and diagnostic kits because of their curated expertise in strain selection, consistent and efficient scaled organism culture, purification, and pathogen activation! In fact, you might not realise that you already have been using some of their products as they have distribution agreements with many high-quality distribution partners in the infectious disease technology sectors. Nevertheless, it is always worth checking so reach out to us today to talk to us about how using Microbix can provide you with full confidence in your assays!

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