Hot Start Taq – Take CONTROL of your PCR experiments

Hot Start Taq, - Take CONTROL of your PCR experiments

Introducing Hot Start Taq

The polymerase chain reaction or PCR technique has become a cornerstone in biology research since it’s invention in the late 1980’s. By allowing for the selective amplification of regions of genetic information, it is arguably the most important system in the modern molecular biologists toolkit. Like everything else in the biologists arsenal, PCR and more specifically the reagents used to carry it out have come a long way since their inception.

PCR Biosystems has been at the leading edge of these innovations – by modifying their Taq polymerases in targeted ways, they have created a range of next-generation Taq enzymes with increased fidelity, thermal stability, longevity, and efficiency. Providing today’s researchers with the tools they need to carry out clean, effective and most importantly, replicable experiments in a more efficient timeframe with minimum difficulty and off-target amplification.

The Primer-Dimer Problem

Have you ever noticed small molecular weight bands on your PCR gels where they should not be?

These bands are most likely the result of primer dimer formation. There are multiple different causes of primer dimers. One of the most common causes being Taq polymerase enzyme activity while your reaction mixes sit at room temperature, during sample preparation.

For researchers interested in small band size PCR products, primer dimer formation leads to confusing streaks on your gel, which can make your results difficult to interpret. This can be especially problematic when a researcher has to prepare many samples, thereby increasing the time that their mixes sit at room temperature. Furthermore, activation of some of your Taq mix at room temperature leaves less available enzyme for amplification when you really want it, reducing the efficiency of your PCR experiments.

PCR Biosystems has the solution! – Hot Start Taq

The PCRBIO Hot-Start (HS) Taq DNA Polymerase uses a proprietary antibody-mediated system to ensure that their Taq is only active when you want it to be. By blocking the activation of the Taq polymerase until the reaction mix reaches a reaction level annealing temperature, the PCRBIO HS Taq eliminates low and room temperature primer dimer formation, giving researchers clean, reproducible gels every time. The elevated thermal stability of the PCRBIO HS Taq also allows for an increased PCR throughput with high performance at both fast and standard program cycling conditions.

Other Important Features

  • Hot start technology for unrivaled detection of low copy number templates
  • Increased PCR success rate with amplicons up to 6kb
  • Ultra-low background DNA
  • Advanced buffer chemistry including Mg and dNTP
  • Efficient amplification of both GC and AT-rich regions

If you are interested in learning more about PCR Biosystems Hot Start Taq products or any other reagents in their extensive range, please contact us at MSC, the official partner for PCR Biosystems in the Republic of Ireland. Alternatively, browse our range of PCR Biosystems products here

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