The importance of environmental isolate testing

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Our friends over at Microbiologics have an excellent blog post on the importance of environmental isolate testing and identification in pharmaceutical laboratories. The post gives a summary of a presentation by Microbiologics Vice President of Research and Development Brian Beck Ph.D at Pharmaceutical Microbiology Fall Forum in Philadelphia, USA. Key topics covered include: • Importance of Environmental Isolate Testing • What does the FDA consider objectionable? • You’ve identified an organism in your environment. Now what? • Identification • Preservation and Use of Environmental Isolates • Preservation methods • Key Takeaways Did you know “Objectionable organisms are the primary reason for recalls. Some data show as much as 72 percent of recalls are caused by environmental isolates.”? If you’ve found an organism in your laboratory, MSC and Microbiologics can help! Find out more about our solution for environmental organisms here. Read the full blog post here.