Webinar – The Italian experience in the management of COVID-19 Pandemic

Management of COVID-19, vittorio sambri | Medical Supply Company

Our partner Copan who is the world-leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems have organised an event discussing – The Italian experience in the management of COVID-19 Pandemic with key speaker Prof. Vittorio Sambri from the University of Bologna. Prof. Vittorio Sambri is an associate Professor and Head of the Unit of Microbiology in the
greater Romagna Area Hub Laboratory

Date : 29th July 2020

Time: 3:00 pm

Registration: Please connect to the following link and register  https://www.linkedin.com/events/6684065918328283136/


  • Italian Epidemiology (Major regions involved)
  • Preparing for the worst: the experience of Emilia Romagna Regions
  • Precautionary measures adopted
  • Clinical presentation of COVID-19 patients: how does it differ from other types of pneumonia
  • Immune response and immunity
  • Diagnostic testing and screening: the proposed (or the adopted) sample workflow in Emilia Romagna region
  • The prospective for the future?
  • Q & A

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