Laboratory Workwear Decontamination

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Are you concerned that lab coats, shoes or re-usable gloves are a source of cross-contamination? Or a SARS-CoV-2 risk?

MSC in conjunction with Alliance Bio Expertise (ABE) introduce Ozzon laboratory workwear decontamination cabinet.

Why choose Ozzon:

Ozzon is a dedicated station used for the disinfection of the technician’s lab workwear. Providing high levels of disinfection against bacteria, viruses and moulds in 45 minutes. Ozzon utilises ozone for decontaminating laboratory coats, shoes and gloves. All ozone is safely removed by a carbon-based filter, and garments are dried using forced air circulation. As well as disinfection the unit also removes odours from the clothing.

Ozzon is available in two sizes:

AR60                     capacity up to 6 sets of clothing

AR 120                 capacity up to 10 sets of clothing

Testing on the effectiveness of Ozzon has been carried out by Virhealth Laboratory (France) and Food and Environment laboratory of Vendée (France). Specifically effectiveness against viruses was confirmed using reference viruses:

  • Norovirus murin,
  • Vaccina virus
  • The human coronavirus HCoV-229E, a representative virus of the coronavirus family, which includes SARS-CoV-2 and also Covid-19.

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