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A PCR cabinet is an essential piece of equipment for any laboratory that performs sensitive PCR amplification and manipulation of DNA or RNA.

PCR cabinets are adopted in a wide range of disciplines including microbiology, haematology, cell culture and genetics to provide effective decontamination of solutions, reagents, and equipment before and during PCR manipulations.

PCR assays are highly susceptible to contamination which leads to false or inaccurate results. Ideally, laboratories working with genetic material should have a designated cabinet for PCR work for this reason.

The PCR FAST is an economical, space efficient, general purpose PCR UV cabinet that belongs to the latest generation of cabinets manufactured by our partners FASTER.

The cabinet ensures a complete sterile working environment thanks to the presence of UV light.

The PCR FAST cabinet is a bench-top type unit constructed from cold rolled epoxy painted steel painted with an antimicrobial coating, safety glass side/front wall and AISI 304 L stainless steel back wall and work surface.

With operating noise levels less than that of a household refrigerator the PCR FAST allows operators to carry out PCR work in peace!

Features & Benefits

LED UV lamps – more economical than conventional UV bulbs and provides enhanced sterilisation by emitting UV light at an ideal frequency of 275nm versus traditional 254nm.

AISI 304 L stainless steel with SB finish – allows for easy cleanability.

6mm anti-UV safety glass – Ensures complete user safety while in operation.

UV light-front cover interlock – LED UV light will not activate if front window is open.

Benchtop cabinet – Suitable for mounting on a benchtop for increased space efficiency in the lab.

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions (WxDxH)mm712 x 620 x 860
Useful dimensions (WxDxH)mm700 x 600 x 550
Working aperturemm200
Maximum front aperturemm500
Noise level (1)db(A)<54

The experienced team at FASTER accommodate customers who may have requests for customized units.  So if it’s a standard PCR cabinet or a bespoke unit you require please get in touch with our product specialist below and find out how we can help.

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