Standardised, reproducible cell thawing with ThawSTAR

Standardised, reproducible cell thawing with ThawSTAR, biobanking and cell culture cryogenic, cell culture cryogenic tubes, biobanking and cell culture, cell culture cryogenic, culture cryogenic tubes | Medical Supply Company
  • Are you thawing cells using a water bath or your hands?
  • Is you cell thawing process reproducible?
  • Are you having issues with cell viability after thawing?

The way cryopreserved cells are thawed has a huge effect on their viability and function. Traditionally, cryogenic vials are thawed using a water bath at 37°C. While this may be a fast and easy method, there are several drawbacks associated with this:

  • Water baths create a risk of contamination
  • The thawing process is not standardised or reproducible
  • The thawing time is subjective, so viability and function are impaired

How can labs and biologics manufacturing companies overcome these issues?


ThawSTAR® Automated, Water-Free, Controlled Thawing Systems present a novel, water-free technology that replaces traditional methods of cell thawing. ThawSTAR® eliminates the risk of contamination and delivers controlled thawing profiles to maximise reproducibility. The range is suitable for use with standard cryogenic vials, AT-Closed Vials and cryobags of various sizes.

The ThawSTAR range can be used in research and development and scaled into commercial manufacturing. Cryogenic vials can be thawed directly in the biosafety cabinet and the average thaw cycle for 2 ml vials takes 2.5 – 3 min.

How to thaw vials with ThawSTAR CFT:

  • Insert the frozen vial into the compact ThawSTAR CFT system
  • Gently press down to engage the thawing process
  • The ThawSTAR will give audio—visual cues that the process has started
  • Once phase-change has been detected, the sophisticated algorithm will calculate the time needed for optimum thawing
  • When the cycle is finished, a tone will signal completion and the vial will raise slightly out of the unit

ThawSTAR CB is an automated water-free system that provides a reproducible method for controlled-rate thawing of biological material in cryobags.

Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice Transportation Systems

The ThawSTAR range also features a number of liquid nitrogen and dry ice transportation systems that allow you to transfer temperature-sensitive material between long-term storage and the processing area.

ThawSTAR CFT Vial compatibility

ManufacturerVial DescriptionItem numberCapacity
NuncBiobanking and Cell Culture Cryogenic Tubes3754181.8mL
NuncBiobanking and Cell Culture Cryogenic Tubes3476271.8mL
VWRCryogenic Vials with Closures (not for LN2)89094-8062.0mL
Greiner bio-oneCryo, 2mL PPNINT, BLU CAP1212792.0mL
Argos TechPolarsafeCRY02C2.0mL

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