International Women’s Day 2022 Medical Supply Company (MSC) celebrates

International Women’s Day | Medical Supply Company

In recognition of International Women’s Day 2022, MSC celebrates the talents and success of all of our female colleagues. Here we put the spotlight on three colleagues.

In 2013 Eimear Scully (ES) took over the stewardship of the family business.  In addition to being a mum of two, Eimear leads a staff of 46 based in Mulhuddart, Dublin Medical Supply Company (MSC) which is one of the largest laboratory suppliers in Ireland’s science industry.

In 2021, Lisa Tang PhD (LT) was appointed Head of Sales & Marketing.  Lisa’s hard work, dedication and knowledge of the industry is an asset like no other.

In 2022, Jemma Keegan PhD (JK) joined as Clinical Diagnostics Manager, Jemma brings a wealth of experience to MSC.

International Women's Day | Medical Supply Company
Photo: Left to Right: Jemma Keegan, Eimear Scully & Lisa Tang

International Women’s Day not just for one day, how can we support women in MSC all year round?

(ES) Given the industry we are in I would hope MSC promote female scientists in their work. We are involved with a STEM programme in a local primary school that encourages children both male and female to get involved with STEM.

Equality is the norm at MSC, there is no differentiation between the sexes and I feel this is an integral part of our culture

(LT) MSC has always shown their support of women in the workplace and that has shown in a number of women in senior management within the company. 

(JK) Having female leaders within MSC means that we can act as advocates and mentors by sharing our professional development experiences, milestones and challenges.

We are very lucky to have Eimear as our CEO. The company culture is very respectful of parenting roles and this is vitally important to retaining female talent.

International Women’s Day – what does it mean to you?

(ES) I like to see the women in the spotlight, for too many years this was not the case. I am very proud to hold the position of CEO as a woman and realise that in times past this may not have been possible.

(LT) One of my favourite films as a child was 9 to 5 (bit odd I know!), a comedy where three women live out their fantasy of overthrowing their sexist and arrogant male boss. 

The movie was based on the association of women office workers in the USA “Nine to Five” who were dedicated to improving the working conditions and rights of women. 

Of course, as a child, I did not understand the full ramifications of the movie, but it instilled in me at an early age that we should all be treated as equals, and by doing so can create a healthy workplace to live.  It also taught me to never mess with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin or Dolly Parton! (All three are my absolute heroines!)

(JK) It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the women we work with every day and its refreshing to see a focus on diverse female representation in the media.

Who or what influenced your career path?

(ES) My parents. My father as a businessman and entrepreneur and my mother as a multi-tasker mixing both work and parenting.

(LT) Both of my parents were into the sciences, my Mum was a nurse, and my Dad taught physics at the local college.  I can still remember the old microscope Dad had and looking at my hair or leaves through it, as well as the electric lift he made with one of his classes.  Looking into the microscope and seeing the cells within the leaf made me want to learn more and understand what we are all made of. 

(JK) My interest in science began during an extended stay in hospital as a child. I’d pester one of the nurses with questions and to her credit, she answered every single one. From then on biology was something I had a strong interest in. I was lucky enough to have an excellent female biology teacher at school who inspired me to pursue a career in science.

Work life balance?  How do you switch off?

(ES) Currently, I need to listen more soundly to my own advice however…the laptop needs to be switched off by 6 pm and there is to be no talk of work around my dinner table. As my husband also works for MSC this can be difficult sometimes.

I enjoy amateur dramatics and love nothing more than getting into the character of someone else. I also enjoy walks especially by the sea to clear my head. When I am disciplined I will add in meditation.

(LT) Ask anyone in MSC, I am probably one of the worst at switching off my laptop!  However, when I do, I enjoy walking my two dogs Charlie and Daisy and throwing the ball to them – Charlie brings it back, but Daisy is her own woman and won’t be told what to do!

(JK) I love playing and reading with my kids, my daughter quickly lets me know if my attention is drawn to my phone during family time by shouting, “no screens” at me. I enjoy yoga and walking the dog in the woods. During lock-down, this was my only precious “me time”.

If you had to give advice to a younger version of yourself, what would that be?

(ES) It is ok not to know everything. In every stressful situation, you will go through in work you are learning something so don’t let it scare you. Give more time to yourself and not always to everyone else. They will love you just as much. Hug your kids more!

(LT) Believe in yourself a bit more, and you can achieve things you never thought possible.

(JK) Trust your instincts and set out your goals. Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Be a lot nicer to yourself. Make time for the people who matter most to you.

If you weren’t a CEO or a scientist, what would you be?

(ES)  Ideally a stage actor on Broadway but realistically probably event management or HR.

(LT) I always had dreams of throwing the javelin in the Olympic games, and I reckon I still have time to make it…

(JK) I did daydream about becoming a speed skater for a while – I represented Ireland at the first-ever Roller Derby World Cup and love to skate.

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