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Introducing Jacomex Glove Box Isolators

MSC are very proud to announce our latest partnership with Jacomex. Jacomex aims to deliver perfection in sealing, gas treatment and analysis, containment and safety for glove boxes, isolators and containment enclosures. With over 75 years of experience, they are at the cutting edge of technology in glove boxes. To date, Jacomex unit are installed in 60 countries worldwide with over 15,000 individual units installed. The technology is world-leading and MSC are excited to bring this expertise to the Irish market. Jacomex were the first company to implement ISO10648-2, the only recognised standard that classifies containment systems according to water tightness. All Jacomex units conform to Tightness Class I according to ISO10648-2, with a leak rate of <5.10E-4/h (0.05Vol%/h).

The Jacomex range of glove boxes have applications across a wide range of sectors, including research, pharma, medical, manufacturing, energy and nuclear. Whichever sector, Jacomex and MSC will work with the customer to tailor the product to suit the individual needs of the project from design through to installation.

Negative or Positive Pressure – Glove Box Isolators

Glove Boxes or Isolators can be found in both negative or positive pressure. A negative pressure isolator has lower air pressure than the surrounding environment, while the air pressure in a positive pressure isolator is higher than the surrounding environment. A positive pressure isolator is used to protect the product inside, they often have regulated atmosphere, filtration and decontamination options. Conversely a negative pressure isolator is designed to protect the operator and the environment from a dangerous substance inside. In this type of isolator features such as regulation and safety valves, antechambers and air renewal are crucial, as it the tightness class of the isolator in order to keep the dangerous substance contained. Jacomex have extensive experience and expertise in both types of isolator/glove box.

Controlled atmosphere Gloveboxes

Many applications require that the atmosphere inside the glovebox be controlled. Some products can be oxidised easily or a process may require the absence of water or O2. With Jacomexs’ excellent gas tightness and innovative controlled atmosphere purifiers glove boxes can be produced with controlled atmospheres with <1PPM H2O and O2, as well as controlling humidity inside the chamber from 0-70%.

Some examples of controlled environment glove boxes produced by Jacomex are:

  • Anaerobic (1ppm O2) HEPA filtered environment for anaerobic bacteria
  • Argon glove box for characterisation of materials in battery research
  • Moisture level control (0-70%) for solar cell development facility
  • HEPA filtered air and nitrogen environment for fine chemistry
  • ATEX rated cabinet for powder transfer
  • Specialised environments for titanium welding and laser cutting applications


Jacomex glove boxes have a wide range of filter options depending on the application. Particulates can be removed from air or a controlled gas environment supplied to the unit by H13/14 HEPA filters. Solvents or radioiodine can be removed from the exhaust gas by activated charcoal filters impregnated with KI if necessary.

Jacomex Range

The Jacomex of gloveboxes can operate under either negative or positive pressure and provide a flexible range of isolators to suit whatever your project requires from simple processes to complex multi-stage protocols involving specialised instrumentation. The design of the range can be adapted to the specific project, the modular design and flexible manufacturing process mean the needs of the customer can be placed at the centre. The range benefits from a new 10” HD display which allows intuitive navigation of user friendly menus and easy adjustment of parameters. A wide range of transfer systems are available for transferring  material in and out of the glove box. Jacomex are also capable of producing a wide array of sizes, from small two glove models to large modular units to accommodate production lines or robotic manufacturing tools.

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