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The NEO Iris™ Immucor’s 6th Generation high throughput analyser which uses solid phase and IgG specific technology to clearly detect significant antibodies. The Neo Iris™ uses a microplate-based platform to automate standard immunohematology assays which include ABO grouping and Rh (D) typing, antigen screening, the detection and identification of IgG red blood cell antibodies, compatibility testing as well as disease screening such as Cytomegalovirus (CMV). The instrument is made up of 6 modules (A) User-Friendly Touchscreen interface (B) Rack Sample and Reagent Bay (C) Simultaneous Dual Pipettors (D) Microplate Tower, Washer & Incubators (E) Fast Centrifuge (F) High capacity liquid system. The Neo Iris is fully automated allowing users to walk away once samples and reagents are loaded. True continuous access allows operators to add samples and reagents anytime. All reagents are CE-marked and ready to use, the Neo Iris delivers the highest type and screen throughput in the market.

Capture- R® Technology  

Immucor’s Capture-R® technology has been widely used across numerous labs for the last 30 years. It is a solid-phase technology which uses pre-coated IgG specific microplates for antibody detection, identification and crossmatching. This technology is used for screening approximately 98% of the North American blood supply. It has been shown to have a higher sensitivity and specificity compared to manual tube and gel methods. It gives rise to results that are easily distinguishable between negative and positive results, with controls on each run ensuring the validity of the test procedure.

The Neo Iris™ and it’s Capture-R Technology is also extremely easy to use. The pre-coated microplates ensure that there is no need for the handling of red cell panels and the long shelf life of 120 days allows for long-term storage. The reagents are all ready to use and do not require precision pipetting. The addition of Capture-R LISS gives rise to a change in colour ensuring that the patient sample has been added. The methodology and procedures for all assays are the same giving a standardisation of testing and ease of training new staff on the instrument. Patient samples can be screened in less than 30mins with batch processing allowing for several hundred tests per hour.

It is for this reason that the Capture-R technology becomes the logical choice for antibody screening and identification.

Test Procedure: Patient sample and LISS are added to Microplates which are pre-coated with specific antigens. This is then incubated onboard the Neo Iris followed by a wash step. Indicator red cells are added and the samples are centrifuged. The results are read using the camera onboard the Neo Iris and the results are graded.

Grading Chart: The results are Graded from 0 to 4+ reaction, with 4+ being strongly positive and 0 being strongly negative. This Grading is carried out on each well with a reaction strength of 0-100 using the Neo Iris Aurora software. The cut-off values differ with each assay, any values that do not fall within these parameters will be flagged for review.

NEO Iris™ Immucor Benefits

  • Broad Test menu for both patient and donor testing.
  • Workflow: The Neo Iris™ modules can simultaneously pipette, incubate, centrifuge and read for maximum efficiency.
  • The Dynamic Schedular STAT priority provides workflow efficiency and sample workflow management.
  • Bi-directional Interface (ImmuLINK)
  • Samples and Reagent can be added anytime (Continuous Access).
  • High Sample throughput: Can hold up to 224 samples at one time.

Test Menu Available:

  • Phenotyping (Rh, Kell, Jka, Jkb, Fya, Fyb, S, s, k)
  • Antibody  identification (Primary Panel, D Pos Panel, D Neg Panel)
  • Antibody screening (2 cells, 3 cells, pool-cell)
  • ABO/Rh D typing
  • Weak D
  • Blood type check (donor)
  • CMV
  • IgG DAT
  • Crossmatch (IgG class antibodies)

MSC is Ireland’s only licensed provider of Immucor blood banking instrumentation and reagents. MSC provides a complete service from instrument delivery to installation, commissioning, validation, and technical support including full service and maintenance contracts with a proven track record.

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