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Mic, Mic qPCR Cycler | Medical Supply Company

Great Things Come In Small Packages! Meet Mic; the 2 Kg real-time PCR cycler that will Blow Your Mind!

Are you sick of having to run countless RT-PCR runs because you can’t fit all your samples and controls into one run? Do you cry a little inside when you think of all the time and money you spend on running multi-run replicates?

If so, forget your loved ones and friends, Mic here will be your new best friend, your most treasured possession! You’ll wonder where it has been all your life and how you ever existed without it! Why? Well, let me recount just some of the reasons you should demo a Mic Today:

  1. Unrivaled and outstanding reproducibility and accuracy, even between samples, runs, and instruments

Unlike traditional block-based RT-PCR systems that suffer from variability and calibration requirements, the Mic has a unique no-calibration-required aluminum rotor with validated unsurpassed temperature uniformity and performance.

The Mic units are built to such perfection that each one is identical to the next, so not only can you compare data sets run on the same instrument, you can also compare any datasets from any Mic instruments anywhere, even for very low copy numbers! Don’t believe us, the data below speaks for itself! The below is only a taster of data so if you wish to see more, please reach out to us today!

Mic, Mic qPCR Cycler | Medical Supply Company
  • Fig. Mic reproducibility of Low Copy Number Template Analysis Across Multiple Runs and Instruments. KRAS proto-oncogene, exon 2 Template amount was 200 copies/µL human genomic DNA (n = 48) Two different instruments and three different experiments set up at different times CV across two instruments and runs = 6%
  • Incredible Sample Flexibility, Connectivity, and Speed

Due to the perfected technology that allows multi-run multi-instrument comparison, 1 unit with 48 sample places becomes 96, 192, and beyond. With this, as many as 10 Mics can be connected to 1 PC your datasets can be as big or as small as you like and don’t worry about cables, Mic communicates through Bluetooth so you won’t end up drowning in cables!

All of this without compromising speed I hear you ask? The patented magnetic induction technology in the Mic allows for rapid heating and cooling so that 35 cycles on short amplicons with fast polymerases can be done in under 25 mins! The Mic also comes in either 2 or 4-channel models for maximum flexibility. Also, there is no need for reference dyes or crosstalk compensation due to Mic having a fixed optical path and no moving parts, hence never needing optical realignment or calibration.

  • Easy to Use Intuitive Software with Inbuilt Detailed Statistical Analysis

Considering the potential for such complex datasets, the Mic software was designed with intelligent features to make the analysis as user-friendly as possible, to meet MIQE specifications, and to provide detailed statistical analysis from the moment your run has been completed.

In any 1 given dataset, 10 Mic runs can be combined to analyse up to 480 samples at any one time for relative quantification, HRM (high-resolution melt – optional extra), absolute quantitation, genotyping, allelic discrimination, and identifier analysis.

  • Unbelievable Complexity for Its Bite-Size Stature

You would think from all the technical advantages that the Mic would need a sizable chunk of bench real-estate, however it takes up less space than your lab notebook! The combination of magnetic induction, high-speed centrifugation, and pre-loaded oil overlay inside each 0.1 ml tube strip, eliminates the need for bulky heated lids and external centrifuges. The Mic tubes are in 4 tubes/strip format that support volumes of 5 to 30 µl and a tab on the first tube always ensures correct orientation.

Check out our product here or contact us today to chat about the Mic or arrange a demo of what we are sure will be your new best friend!

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