Microgen Listeria-ID kits – now available at MSC!

MID-67 Microgen® Listeria-ID kits

Microgen Listeria-ID kits – now available at MSC!

MSC are delighted to announce that MID-67 Microgen® Listeria-ID kits, for the identification of Listeria in foods and environmental samples, are now available from our partner Gold Standard Diagnostics.

All substrates conform to international standards, including the built-in micro-haemolysis reaction, providing everything you need in one reaction strip with no need for further testing.

Furthermore, the readability of a negative haemolysis reaction has been improved; if an organism does not produce haemolysin, the red blood cells will remain intact and form a distinct red pellet. If an organism does produce haemolysin, the red cells will rapidly be lysed, and cellular contents released as a red/brown.

Key Benefits:

  • No additional materials required.
  • Enhanced built-in haemolysis test.
  • Allows direct inoculation from selective media.
  • Validated for use with chromogenic media.
  • Improved readability of negative haemolysin reaction.
  • Certified by AOAC© Research Institute (Certification no. 060402)

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9v3GRLOZsY

Download the Listeria-ID datasheet here.

Download the change notification of production of Microgen kits in Gold Standard Diagnostics Budapest here.

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