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MAST 8 Place DISCMASTER Dispenser | Medical Supply Company

Last month, at ECCMID, Mast Group officially launched the new DISCMASTER 8 place dispenser. The MAST® DISCMASTER dispensers have been developed to optimise performance and provides a reliable and robust solution for the dispensing of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (AST), Identification (ID), and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) cartridge discs within the MASTDISCS® range. The DISCMASTER range now offers a 6 place and 8 place disc dispenser.

DISCMaster Features:

Guaranteed in-use stability

All MASTDISCS® including the carbapenem group are stable for 4 weeks, ensuring accurate and reliable results and convenience for stock control processes.

Height adjustable

Fully height adjustable skirt, accommodating variable depths of culture media.

Audible location of cartridge position

Audible ‘click’ providing reassurance that cartridges are correctly seated in the dispenser.

Optimal moisture protection

Interlocking seals on the canister, providing improved protection against moisture. Designed to be used with MAST® Silica Gel capsules, available from stock

Positive disc placement

MASTDISCS® positively placed onto the agar surface permitting precise, centred positioning on each dispensing cycle. Stainless steel base plate and ejector pins provide robust and long lasting performance.

Lock-off indicated empty cartridge

Automatic lock-off, alerting user to an empty cartridge.

Each DISCMASTER dispenser guarantees optimal performance and longevity thanks to robust testing. Mast Group Ltd. validates dispensers based on a sample size driven by BS 6001. The dispensers are validated by carrying out a quality control procedure which involves a visual inspection as well as in-house performance testing with a full set of dispense operations. The dispensing mechanism is tested extensively across the range of MAST® DISCMASTER products, dispensing tens of thousands of discs. Each design is also subjected to a longevity test, simulating over 50,000 dispensing cycles on a mechanical test rig.

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