Microgen GN-ID A kits – now available at MSC!

Microgen GN-ID A kits

In addition to the MID-67 Listeria-ID kits, we are happy to announce the launch of MID-64 Microgen GN-ID A for the identification of the most commonly isolated Enterobacteriaceae from food samples.

Salmonella and E. coli are two of the major food-borne pathogens isolated routinely from food testing laboratories. Apart from these well-known microorganisms, it is important to detect other Enterobacteria in food for a number of reasons:

  • Indicator of faecal contamination
  • Risk of food spoilage
  • Pathogenic potential
  • Process hygiene indicator

Microgen® GN-ID A (MID64)

Microgen® GN-ID A is a convenient 12 substrate ID system giving a reliable identification based on its standardized biochemical substrates, easiness of use and interpretation system in 24 hours.

Addition of the Microgen® GN-ID B kit will extend the format to a 24 substrate ID system for Enterobacteriaceae and Oxidase positive, non-fastidious, Gram-Negative bacilli. This GN-ID B kit is planned to be launched in October 2023.

Key Benefits of MID64:

  • Comprehensive panel: 12 (GN A) or 24 (GN A+B) standardized biochemical substrates to extensively identify the family Enterobacteriaceae.
  • Rapid results: Identification obtained in 18-24h (GN A) and 48h (GN A+B).
  • Easy to use & easy to interpret system: straightforward identification thanks to the Microgen-ID System Software (optional purchase).

Additional reagents, MID61 range:

  • • MID61C VP I reagent 
  • • MID61D VP II reagent 
  • • MID61E TDA reagent 
  • • MID61F Indole Kovacs reagent 
  • • MID61G Oxidase strips 
  • • MID61H Mineral oil

YouTube video – How to use MID-67: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ssObESSBjs

MID-67 Flyer attached

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