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Jacomex Glove Box Isolators

Introducing Jacomex Glove Box Isolators MSC are very proud to announce our latest partnership with [...]

Thawing Cells in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Cell lines used in the biopharmaceutical industry are often cryopreserved in -80°C freezers short-term or [...]

New Supplier Announcement – Jacomex

MSC are proud to announce we are now partners of Jacomex. Jacomex are leaders in [...]

SMARTFREEZER® EVO Lab – the automated freezer from Angelantoni Life Science

SMARTFREEZER® EVO Lab – the automated storage system Traditional liquid nitrogen tanks have many advantages, however, [...]

Why choose the Sebia Free Light Chain (FLC) assay?

Why is FLC Measurement so important? Multiple Myeloma (MM) and other plasma disorders can be [...]

Quality Control – Understanding the benefits of Third-Party IVD Controls

Understanding the benefits of Third-Party IVD controls In a laboratory Quality Control (QC) refers to [...]

Starting work in MSC during a pandemic

In 2020 MSC began the year with a staff count of 40, then, you know, [...]

Precisa PrepASH: Instant savings in time and costs during routine thermogravimetric analysis of organic matter content

Do you need to determine organic matter content in your samples? Do you have a [...]

MMM Incubators – 1 Laboratory Essential

What is the purpose of a laboratory incubator, and where should they be used? The [...]

Webinar Immunotyping vs. Immunofixation

Want to move to a more automated approach to the detection of M-proteins and the [...]

Coagulase-Positive Staphylococci results in 22 hours – no confirmation needed!

What is Coagulase-Positive Staphylococcus aureus? Food poisoning from coagulase-positive Staphylococci is caused by the presence of [...]

Antimicrobial Resistance: the next pandemic? It’s time for a change.

What is antimicrobial resistance (AMR)? Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) refers to the ability of microorganisms to [...]